White Lithium Grease For Battery Terminals

If you’re thinking about adding white lithium grease to your battery terminals, then you’ve found the right article! In this article, not only will you find out how good white lithium grease is for battery terminals, but you’ll also learn how to apply it, how it holds up compared to other similar products, and more frequently asked questions!

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Is White Lithium Grease Good For Battery Terminals?

White lithium grease is a great way to stop battery terminals from corroding. And not only does white lithium grease stop corrosion, but it also has a high melting point, so you don’t have to worry about an electric charge affecting it!

And lastly, even though it’s an insulator, it’s not going to affect the conductivity of the battery terminals or the batteries!

Car mechanic uses battery jumper cables to charge a dead battery.

How To Use White Lithium Grease On Battery Terminals

If you plan on adding white lithium grease to your cars battery terminals, then you need to make sure you’re doing the following:

  1. First things first, you need to make sure you’re disconnecting the battery. Always start with the negative terminal first when disconnecting your battery, followed by the positive terminal.
  2. Once disconnected, the next step is to make sure you’re removing as much grime from the terminals as possible. You can do this by using a stiff-bristled brush
  3. Once all the grime has been removed, you may need to get rid of any corrosion that has already built up. To do so, you can make a mix of water and baking soda until it’s a fine paste. (You can find out more about removing corrosion in this article.)
  4. Now that the corrosion has been removed, you’ll need to dry the battery and battery terminals thoroughly to make sure that the white lithium grease is applied properly.
  5. When everything is dry, you should put some white lithium grease onto the bristles of the brush you used earlier. Once you’ve applied it you should then begin adding the white lithium grease to the terminals themselves.
  6. Once you’ve applied enough of the white lithium grease to your battery terminals, you can reconnect the battery. However, this tie, you should start by reconnecting the positive terminal first and then the negative one.

And lastly, remember when you’re applying white lithium grease to your batteries, less is more. Too much white lithium grease may end up insulating the terminals too much, resulting in an electrical current not passing through them properly.

When Should You Avoid Using White Lithium Grease?

It’s best to avoid using white lithium grease anytime it’s going to end up near plastic parts. If white lithium grease is left on plastic for too long, it will speed up the rate at which it decays, meaning you’ll have to end up replacing parts sooner.


Now you know that white lithium grease is great for battery terminals and how to apply it properly, here are some other frequently asked questions people have!

Dielectric Grease Vs White Lithium Grease For Battery Terminals

If you have to choose between dielectric grease and white lithium grease for your battery terminals, then you should choose dielectric grease. While both can survive hot temperatures, dielectric grease is much better for sealing electricals and creating a barrier to prevent moisture than white lithium grease.

(You can find out more about adding dielectric grease to your battery terminals here.)

Is White Lithium Grease Conductive?

No, white lithium grease is non-conductive. If you’re going to place it on your battery terminals, you need to ensure that the battery is tightened so that an excess grease gets forced out and a connection can still exist between the battery and the battery terminal.

What Is The Difference Between Lithium Grease & White Lithium Grease?

White lithium grease has fewer additives when compared to its counterpart. In fact, lithium itself is just a thickening agent. In reality, the main oil in grease is mineral oil.

Is White Lithium Grease A Low Temperature Grease?

Fortunately, white lithium grease is not a low-temperature grease, which is one of the reasons it’s a great choice for protecting your battery terminals from corrosion!

Is White Lithium Grease Good For Cars?

While white lithium grease is good at preventing corrosion on your battery terminals, it’s actually much better suited at lubricating parts of your car, such as the door hinges and any other moving components!

What Grease Is Best For Battery Terminals?

When it comes to stopping corrosion occurring on your battery terminals, the best choice of grease is dielectric grease or silicone grease. Because it’s made to prevent moisture from seeping in, so if you can get your hands on some, it’s recommended!


As you can see, white lithium grease is a great choice for your battery terminals! However, if possible, you should choose dielectric grease to prevent corrosion instead. However, if not, white lithium grease will still do a good job!

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