What Happens If A Battery Vent Tube Is Not Connected?

If the battery vent tube in your car isn’t connected, then you’ll need to get it fixed ASAP. There’s a reason that cars have the battery vent tube, and without it, there can be disastrous consequences for your car. So keep reading to find out why the battery vent tube is so important and what can happen if it’s not connected!

What Do Battery Vent Tubes Do?

Battery vent tubes are there to stop your battery from exploding. As batteries are charged, the chemicals inside create gases that are flammable. If the gas is unable to escape, then it’s only a matter of time before a spark sets the gas off and blows the battery completely.

What Happens When The Battery Vent Tube Is Not Connected?

If the battery vent tube is not connected, then the chances of a major fire or explosion are going to increase substantially. The longer the batter vent is disconnected, the more gases will start to build up within the battery. And, of course, the longer this happens, the more likely something is going to go wrong with the battery.

What’s worse, if the gases are vented out properly, then they can also end up in other parts of the car as well. And if they end up in the cabin with you, then even breathing them in can be extremely harmful to you.

Where Should A Battery Vent Tube Go?

Battery vent tubes should be attached to the top of the battery and then often rant through the car to the exhaust when the gases can be expelled safely. However, this can always vary slightly between cars, so if you’re not sure whether your car has one installed correctly, the best thing you can do is take it to a professional.

Do All Batteries Have Vent Tubes?

Just because your car battery doesn’t have a vent tube, it doesn’t mean that it’s become disconnected or lost. In fact, some cars simply don’t have battery vent tubes. However, even without the tubes, the battery is still able to allow the gases to escape to avoid buildup.

These batteries tend to have standard battery vents instead, which are kept open at all times for any gas buildups to be avoided completely.


Hopefully, from this article, you can see that if the battery vent tube isn’t connected, then you should connect it immediately. Not connecting it can be extremely dangerous and result in your car’s battery blowing up, or other areas of the car filling with dangerous gases.

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