DeWALT Battery Fell In Water (What To Do)

If your DeWALT battery fell in the water, then obviously, you’re probably asking yourself a lot of questions, does it still work? Can I charge it? Is it dangerous?

In this article, you’ll have all your questions answered, as well as learn more than you knew you needed! So keep reading to find out everything you want to know!

Are DeWALT Batteries Waterproof?

While DeWALT batteries aren’t waterproof, they are slightly water-resistant. This will reduce the chance of permanent damage, but not by much. The reason batteries aren’t waterproof is because they have small vents in them to prevent the build-up of gases from the chemical reactions going on inside them.

Can DeWALT Batteries Survive Being Submerged?

While we can say that DeWALT batteries are waterproof, they’re definitely not water-resistant. However, the casing of the batteries have an airtight seal which is going to dramatically reduce the chance of water getting in also. However, of course, if you submerge the battery for a long period of time, then eventually, water will penetrate the cells and dilute the chemicals inside.

Also, the most likely place to become water damaged is where the battery connects to the tool. So if you submerged the battery when it was connected to the tool, the chances of it being ruined permanently are even smaller.

What To Do If You Dropped Your DeWALT Battery In Water?

If you’ve dropped your DeWALT battery in water, of course, the first thing you’re going to want to do is to remove it as fast as possible. The quicker you get it out, the less likely it will be that the battery will get watered damaged.

If the drill and the battery were dropped in, then remove the battery from the drill as quickly as you can. Otherwise, you risk killing both.

Once out, dry everything as best you can, and then leave the battery (and the drill in the sun for a few days so they can dry completely.

After that, you’ll just need to test the battery and drill to see if they still work.

Can You Get A DeWALT Battery Wet?

You may be thinking that if dropping a DeWALT battery in water could break it, then you should probably avoid getting it wet altogether. While this is the best practice, the chances of the battery breaking just from being wet are actually quite small.

DeWALT Batteries are tightly sealed, so it’s VERY unlikely that splashes of water are going to end up causing damage. But that doesn’t mean you should just start using your power tools whenever it’s raining, as you still run the risk of damaging them.

Can The Battery Electrocute You?

If you’ve dropped the battery in water, or it’s gotten extremely wet, you may be wondering if it can electrocute when you try to use the drill. While there is a chance it can electrocute you, it’s very small. And even if it did electrocute, the chances of it killing you are even smaller. You’d just get a good shock.

If you’re worried about the drill electrocuting you when it’s submerged in water, then you shouldn’t be. At 18v, the current isn’t going to be strong enough to pass through water. The real risk from a submerged DeWAL battery comes from acid leaks, which would still take time to happen.


As you can see, dropping a DeWALT battery into water doesn’t mean that you’ve ruined it forever. In fact, there’s a good chance that if you dry it out quick enough, it will continue to work! Especially if it was attached to something when it got submerged, though.

Remember, if you do drop it in water to let it dry out for a few days in the sun. And that if you do use it, there’s a risk it could damage the tools it’s plugged into.

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