Can You Put Vaseline On Battery Terminals?

If you’re wondering whether you can put Vaseline on your battery terminals, then you’ve found the right article. In this article, not only will you learn how to put Vaseline on battery terminals, but you’ll also learn the benefits! So keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

Can You Put Vaseline On Battery Terminals?

The experts say yes, but with a caveat. Vaseline can help protect battery terminals from corrosion, but it can also prevent electricity from passing properly when too much is used. So, while Vaseline is a great way to keep your battery terminals in top shape, make sure that you wipe away any excess Vaseline before reinstalling the battery.

Benefits Of Applying Vaseline To Battery Terminals?

If you’re wondering why you should put Vaseline on your battery terminals, then here are all the reasons!

Prevents corrosion

One of the main benefits of using Vaseline to protect your battery terminals is that it helps prevent corrosion. Coating the terminals with a protective layer of Vaseline not only prevents oxidation but also helps keep moisture away from the terminals.

Keeps connections clean and tight

Keeping your battery connections clean and tight is essential for ensuring that your car runs smoothly. The protective layer of Vaseline that you apply to the battery terminals will help create a strong connection between the cable and terminal, allowing electricity to flow freely.

Easy maintenance

– Applying a layer of Vaseline to your battery terminals is an easy way to keep them well-maintained. All you need to do is apply a small amount of Vaseline every few months, and it will help protect your connectors from corrosion and oxidation.

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How To Apply Vaseline To Your Battery Terminals

Applying Vaseline to your battery terminals couldn’t be simpler! Just follow the steps below!

Prepare A Mix Of Baking Soda And Water

First, mix up a paste of baking soda and water. That’s right- we said baking soda! The mixture should have an almost paste-like consistency to it. Once you’ve got the perfect ratio of ingredients, you can start applying the concoction to the battery terminals.

Remove The Cables From The Terminals

Before putting the paste on, make sure you disconnect the cables from the terminals. Don’t use any metal tools that could spark or cause a short circuit- just use your hands and be gentle while doing this.

Check For Corrosion

Now, take a look at the terminals and see if there’s any corrosion. If you notice any corrosion, then move on to the next step.

Use A Wire Brush & Baking Soda Paste To Remove Corrosion

Once you’ve identified any corrosion, take your wire brush and the baking soda paste and start scrubbing away at the affected area. This should help loosen any build-up that could be causing problems with the battery terminals.

Dry The Terminals Thoroughly

Now that you’ve removed any corrosion, use a clean and dry cloth to wipe down the terminals. Make sure there isn’t any baking soda paste left behind.

Add Vaseline To The Terminals

Finally, put a layer of Vaseline on the terminals. This will help seal them up and keep any moisture from getting in and causing further damage. Plus- your battery will look shiny and new!

Reconnect The Cables

Now that you’ve got your battery all fixed up with Vaseline, it’s time to reconnect the cables. Make sure they’re tightly secured and that you don’t have any loose connections. With this final step, your battery should be in tip-top shape!

And there you have it- a few simple steps for how to put Vaseline on your battery terminals!

Your engine should start right up, and your car’s electrical system will be grateful for the added protection from corrosion. And remember, Vaseline can also come in handy for circuit breakers, light sockets, and other electrical components. So don’t throw away that jar of petroleum jelly – it may help you out of a tight spot!


Here are some frequently asked questions people have about adding Vaseline to their battery terminals!

Is Vaseline Good For Electrical Connections?

Yes, Vaseline is great for electrical connections. It helps create a tight connection between the battery and terminals, helping to prevent corrosion and oxidation.

Can Too Much Vaseline Damage The Battery?

Too much Vaseline can prevent electricity from passing properly through the battery terminals. So make sure you wipe away any excess before reinstalling your battery.

Can Vaseline Be Used As A Sealant?

No, Vaseline is not a sealant and should not be used as such. It can help protect electrical connections from corrosion, but it is not designed to create a watertight seal.

Does Vaseline Help With Corrosion?

Yes, Vaseline can help prevent corrosion by creating a protective layer between the terminals and the battery. This layer helps keep moisture out, preventing oxidation and helping your terminals last longer.

Is Vaseline A Good Metal Lubricant?

Yes, Vaseline is an excellent metal lubricant and can help protect metal parts from rust and corrosion. It can also help keep components in working order for longer, making it a great choice for those looking to extend the life of their car or other machinery.

Does Petroleum Jelly Prevent Corrosion?

Yes, Petroleum jelly can help prevent corrosion by creating an airtight seal around electrical connections and components. This helps keep moisture out, which in turn prevents oxidation of the metal parts. It’s also a great waterproofing agent for outdoor tools and equipment.

Bottom Line

Vaseline is an excellent protective coating for battery terminals, helping to prevent corrosion and oxidation. It’s easy to apply and can make a huge difference in the lifespan of your battery, so don’t forget to use it! Just remember to wipe off any excess before you start your engine, as too much Vaseline can interfere with the electrical system.

Follow these tips and keep your battery running strong for years to come!

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